Housing Works Group Volunteer Form

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Housing Works where your time and commitment brings us closer to the end of AIDS.  Please complete this application form and be sure to hit submit upon completion.

Please elect one member of your group to serve as the primary contact person. This person should submit the application on behalf of all other group members. The primary contact accepts responsibility for the conduct of the group while on site at Housing Works and acts as the liaison for coordinating service day activities.

Volunteer Locations
Bookstore Cafe volunteers help stock and product upkeep, support the staff in large-scale projects, online orders and shipment, and general cleaning and organization.

Thrift Shop volunteers help with the overall day to day tasks that include customer service, processing and sorting donations, sales floor assistance, and back stock organization. Please find the list of thrift shops here https://www.housingworks.org/businesses 

Processing Distribution Center volunteers assist in the tagging, hanging, and sorting of donated merchandise. Address: 48-49 35th St, Long Island City, NY 11101

Special Events volunteers help with event set up, day of event tasks, and breakdown (Design on a Dime, Fashion for Action, or Open Air Street Fair)

Availability & Preferences

Participated Before

Volunteer Agreement
During your volunteer service, you may learn certain facts about individuals who are employed by or are being served by Housing Works that are of a highly personal and confidential nature. Examples of such information include but are not limited to: health status, medical conditions and treatment, finances, living arrangements, employment status, sexual orientation, relations with family members and other personal information. All such information must be treated with absolute confidentiality as required by Public Health Law 27F; NYS DOH Regulation Part 50-4 (Intra-agency Access to and Disclosure of Personal Health Related Information); Public Officers Law, Article 6A; and Housing Works policies and procedures. Any breach of your obligation to strictly adhere to this policy regarding confidential information may result in your immediate dismissal as a volunteer for Housing Works and may subject you to legal liability.

Housing Works is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all its employees and patrons - staff, volunteers, customers, and clients. In keeping with this responsibility, please observe the following guidelines: (1) Treat all staff, volunteers, customers and clients with courtesy, kindness and respect. All volunteers must conduct themselves in a manner that is befitting to a positive organization image. Abusive behaviors, including but not limited to verbal threats, sexual harassment, coercion and physical violence will not be tolerated; (2) Do not report to any Housing Works sites under the influence of alcohol or drugs; (3) Follow standards established by staff; (4) Volunteer benefits may not be used for personal financial gain.